Online Learning - Basic Medical Language

Features, vii
How Will I Learn?, xiv
Dear Instructor, xv
Online Teaching Resources, xv

Introduction to Medical Language, Body Structure, and Oncology, 1

Directional Terms, Positions, and Imaging, 29

Integumentary System, Colors, and Plural Endings, 51

Respiratory System, 80

Urinary System, 117

Reproductive Systems, 148

Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems, 182

Digestive System, 218

Eye and Ear, 257

Musculoskeletal System, 287

Nervous System and Behavioral Health, 329

Endocrine System, 363

Word Parts Used in Basic Medical Language, 384

Abbreviations, 389; Error-Prone List, 395

Answers to Exercises, 399
Illustration Credits, 419
Index, 421

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Pharmacology Terms

Health Information Technology Terms