Medical Terminology Online Course

Basic Medical Language, 7th Edition

Danielle LaFleur Brooks, Med MA Dale Levinsky, MD Myrna LaFleur Brooks, RN BEd

Basic Medical Language 7th Edition

For over 25 years, the textbook Basic Medical Language has been used in the classroom to teach medical terminology.

Now, the authors are offering a course free with the purchase of the textbook.

  • Start anytime!
  • Learn where and when you want at your own pace.
  • Select topics YOU want to learn!
  • Own a reference textbook for a lifetime.

Who Should Enroll

Who should enroll in this online medical Terminology course?

This course is perfect for you if you are:

  • Planning a healthcare career.
  • Entering a pre-med or pre-nursing program or an allied health profession.
  • Advancing up the career ladder.
  • Employed in a business that deals with medicine and healthcare, such as insurance, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, or law.
  • Seeking to improve communication with your healthcare provider and/or interpret your medical records and coverage.
  • A lifelong learner who loves language.
  • Wanting to learn more about how the body works.


“I enjoy the program because you can do it when you have time. I love that it comes with other resources that help a lot when taking the test. I would recommend this course to anyone.”  

Jennifer B.

“The assignments related to the text are appropriate and valuable. An excellent course.” 

John L.

“Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting this great textbook together. I have never enjoyed learning so much; I dread coming to the end of the book. The pictures, numerous exercises, flashcards, and online resources, including games, have all been wonderful tools for aiding memory and retention in a fun and interesting way.”

Kate R.

Learning Tools

Medical Terminology Online Course - Online Learning Tools

Designed for fun, quick, and lasting

acquisition of medical language.

  • Electronic and paper flashcards
  • Many varied exercises – choose which fits your learning style
  • Online games, quizzes, videos, spelling, and pronunciation
  • A fun quiz at the end of each lesson – you can repeat them as often as you like.

Interactive Exercises

Medical Terminology Online Course - Interactive Exercises

Paper Flashcards

Medical Terminology Online Course

Online Study Tools

Medical Terminology Online Course

You Will Learn

Online Medical Terminology Course
  • Terms built from word parts: prefixes, suffixes, and word roots and how they form medical terms.
  • Terms not built from word parts: modern language acronyms and eponyms.
  • Abbreviations – the use of abbreviations is extremely common in healthcare.
Medical Terminology Online Course
Medical Terminology Online Course
Medical Terminology - Terms not Built from Word Parts

The online medical terminology lessons include:

  • Introduction to Medical Language, Body Structure,
    Oncology, and Laboratory Tests
  • Directional Terms
  • Integumentary System
  • Respiratory System
  • Urinary System
  • Reproductive systems
  • Cardiovascular and Lymphatic System
  • Digestive system
  • Eye and Ear
  • Musculoskeletal System
  • Nervous System and Behavioral Health
  • Endocrine System

Historical Note: The authors were the first to separate and list medical terms into two groups (terms built from word parts and not built from word parts) and write special exercises for each in their original Exploring Medical Language textbook (1986). Before this, textbooks routinely required much more rote memorization.

Who Is Offering This Course

Innovative Leaders in Medical Terminology for Over 40 Years

Myrna and Danielle have been involved with teaching medical terminology since 1970. They researched and wrote the original classic textbook on medical terminology, Exploring Medical Language (11th edition), followed up with the popular Basic Medical Language (7th edition) textbook.

Their combined educational backgrounds and teaching experience have led to the carefully crafted learning system used in both textbooks.

Throughout the years, Myrna and Danielle continued to add features and benefits to teaching medical terminology. Content now includes a medical terminology blog and this new website, The Medical Terminology Academy.

All teaching items are designed with the student foremost in mind.

Millions of students have enjoyed these textbooks and the medical terminology blog, and we look forward to expanding the understanding and use of medical language with the Medical Terminology Academy.

Discover the fascinating world of medical language and begin adding medical terms to your vocabulary.

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