Gutenberg Practice Page

Learn Dash Course Progress Block

I added this as I wanted to see how easy it was to add a standard Learn Dash block using the Gutenberg Editor. It was easy.

Now for the best part – The Fun Fact Layout

The Fun Fact Gutenberg block below is is a DIVI structure but I added it using Gutenberg. DIVI integrates with Gutenberg as the Gutenberg editor allow us to insert a block from a saved DIVI layout. This means you first must create the layout in DIVI (such as the Fun Fact layout below), save it in the DIVI Library, and once saved can then be inserted into a Gutenberg page as a DIVI Block right from the Gutenberg list of item to insert. I therefore is inserted as a block.

It was very simple to do this.

A Gutenberg Reusable Block

Below is the Fun Fact again but this time is was inserted as a reusable block. I had to simply save the Fun Fact block (above) as a reusable block and once save it now appears as a reusable block via the Gutenberg editor.

What we have learned . . .

Learning about Gutenberg now gives us two worthy options if we want to do some fancy layouts.

  1. We can create something using DIVI and save it to the DIVI library. Once saved we can insert it as a block using Gutenberg. We would be inserting what Gutenberg calls a DIVI Block.
  2. We can create the item in DIVI and insert it using the Gutenberg editor. Once inserted the block can be added to the library of reusable Gutenberg blocks meaning the item is now in the Gutenberg library.