How Will I Learn

You will guide your own experience by choosing activities that fit your learning style

There are 12 Lessons. You will begin each lesson by reading a case study which depicts a medical condition. Later in the lesson, you will apply medical terms to the context of this case study.

Objectives will define what you will learn and guide you through the lesson. You will complete exercises, quizzes, and exams that match directly with the objectives.

As you work through the lesson, word parts, medical terms, and abbreviations are introduced in manageable amounts followed by immediate practice. Answers to the exercises are included in the worktext and online.

There are multiple learning opportunities designed to meet the needs of different learning styles. You can choose which lesson exercises best suit your learning style and decide how many you need to complete to learn the content.

Each lesson ends with content quizzes in the worktext and online which allow you to quickly assess the knowledge you have gained.

A gradable exam is available at the end of each lesson whether you choose to receive a grade or not. A cumulative score of 70% or more will earn you a passing grade.