Basic Medical Terminology Course

Discover the fascinating world of medical language and begin adding medical terms to your vocabulary.

An interactive medical terminology course based on a leading textbook by

 Danielle LaFleur Brooks, Dale Levinsky, and Myrna LaFleur Brooks.

Basic Medical Language 7th Edition - Textbook

Basic Medical Language, 7th Edition, Elsevier, is included with the enrollment fee. Flashcards and an online program that offers pronunciation and spelling, games, animations, and practice quizzes accompany the textbook.

Basic Medical Terminology Course

An author developed self-paced course which guides you through the 12 lessons of the textbook, Basic Medical Language.

  • Receive a textbook and flashcards within 5-7 days of enrollment
  • Access author support for three months
  • Obtain a Certificate
  • Advance through the course at your own pace
  • Study where and when you want

Self-Directed, Self-Paced, Author Supported

Why Take This Course

Whether you are in high school, retired, or in between, we believe knowing the language of medicine is beneficial.

This course is ideal if you are:

  • Planning on a career in healthcare and want an introduction to the field and common vocabulary
  • Working in health care and want to advance up the career ladder
  • Entering a pre-med or pre-nursing program and want a foundational understanding of medical terms
  • Employed in a business that deals with medicine and healthcare, such as insurance, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, or law
  • Enhancing your resume to show depth of skill
  • Interested in your health care and believe knowing medical terms will improve communication with your doctor as well as help you understand your medical records and medical coverage
  • A life-long learner who loves language and wants to enhance your vocabulary
Basic Medical Language Online Course

What’s Inside the Course

Basic Medical Language - Online Course
  • This self-paced course guides you through 12 lessons from the text book Basic Medical Language. Click to View Syllabus
  • Each lesson presents word parts, medical terms, and abbreviations by body systems.
  • Content is introduced in manageable amounts followed by exercises and online practice activities.
  • You can use the answer key to check answers to the textbook exercise and immediate feedback is provided for all online activities.
  • Many varied activities are offered, so you can choose learning activities to fit your learning style
  • A quiz is available at the end of each lesson. A passing grade of 80% is required to receive a certificate.
  • An estimated course completion time is 32 hours

Who Is Offering This Course

Innovative Leaders in Medical Terminology for Over 40 Years

The authors of the textbook, Basic Medical Language, have been involved with teaching medical terminology since 1970. They researched and wrote the original classic textbook on medical terminology, Exploring Medical Language (11th edition), followed up with the very popular Basic Medical Language (7th edition) textbook.

Throughout the years, they continued to add features and benefits to the topic of teaching medical terminology, and content now includes a medical terminology blog and this new website The Medical Terminology Academy.

All teaching items are designed with the student foremost in mind.

Myrna LaFleur Brooks, R.N., BED, and Danielle LaFleur Brooks, MED, MA, authors of both textbooks, have extensive experience teaching medical terminology. Their combined educational backgrounds and teaching experience have led to the creation of these popular textbooks that offer a carefully crafted learning system designed for quick and lasting acquisition of medical language.

Millions of students have enjoyed these textbooks and the medical terminology blog, and we look forward to expanding the understanding and use of medical language with the Medical Terminology Academy.

Author Support will be provided by Danielle LaFleur Brooks and Myrna LaFleur Brooks.

Basic Medical Terminology Course

Receive the textbook, Basic Medical Language, flashcards, and companion online site with your enrollment fee.

The authors launched a Medical Terminology Blog in 2015. It is dedicated to advancing the understanding of medical language through games, blog posts, and videos.

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We publish blog posts on medical terminology. When a term is being used in the news, such as COVID-19, we feature it. New medical terms are covered and we provide an in-depth look at the origin and use of medical terms in current use.

There are blog posts with a focus on making learning fun such as quizzes, word jumbles, and crosswords on medical terminology.

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